Emily Williams

Creative Colour/Stylist

From an early age I always loved everything about style, fashion and hair so it was almost certain I would go into the industry for a career.

I love every minute of being a stylist here at Duce & Romao which I think is a unique salon with an amazing atmosphere. I have the opportunity to learn from Laura and Annabell and enjoy going onto training courses so I can develop myself and learn more, especially about hair colouring which is one of my biggest specialisms.

I enjoy the responsibility of being involved with the Duce & Romao competition entries which covers styling and support during the busy studio photoshoots.

The hunger I have to constantly learn has seen me creating some really eye-catching looks for my customers – and teaming them up with latest seasonal trends.

Come and see me for:

  • All cuts
  • Colouring
  • Up-styling

Some things you may not know about Emily…

  • She adores clothes shopping and eating out
  • Never prepared to standstill, she loves visiting new places both in the UK and abroad

Emilys favourite product – I love Label M Texturising volume spray, it’s versatile and combines the texturising benefits of dry shampoo and a hold of hairspray to give hair grip and texture.